The Let’s Talk Blog

August 16, 2022

Welcome to Let’s Talk Reading!

Reading, like talking, is a skill we need for life. There is lots you can do to support your kids to become confident readers!
May 31, 2022

We need to talk about Maths

If you or your kids think you hate maths – think again. We use maths all day every day to make our lives easier.
February 25, 2022

Let’s Talk about COVID

COVID-19 has brought lots of changes to schools this year. Have you done a RAT – Rapid Antigen Test – with your kids yet? Or had to explain why their teacher is wearing a facemask? Senior School Psychologist Janet Coad says most students are coping well with the changes.
November 22, 2021

Being outside is the best place to talk

Talking and telling stories is an important part of keeping culture alive for Aboriginal families. It’s also about passing on knowledge from one generation to another.
September 8, 2021

Communication is key for this hairdresser

Abbie Jackson doesn’t describe herself as a natural talker. It’s a skill she has developed. And it’s essential in her chosen career of hairdressing.